Kazan from a height

A bird's-eye you can truly appreciate the grandeur and beauty of the eastern capital, cover eyes immense city. Kazan has several viewing platforms, with views of the historic center and the promenade of the river Kazanka.

1) Helipad "Grand Hotel Kazan"
str. Petersburg, 1
Tel.: (843) 221-10-00

2) The observation deck of the hotel "Riviera"
Etc. F.Amirxana, 1
Tel.: (843) 511-21-21

3) Ferris wheel
The park "Kyrlay" entertainment is the Ferris wheel diameter 55 m, extraordinarily beautiful evening, when it is illuminated 10 thousand. colored lights. It offers a great panoramic view of the Kazan Kremlin.

4) Center "Kazan" family
"The house - a full cup" – this proverb represents a new wedding palace, in the shape of a huge bowl, Located on the banks of the river Kazanka. In addition to the fanciful palace has a two-level viewing platform at a height 32 m above sea level. Customers can enjoy Palace hence surrounding environs.
str. S.Hakima, 4
Tel.: (843) 590-11-53

5) The observation deck on the territory of the Kazan Kremlin