Medical tourism

Kazan is famous not only unique national dishes, unique history and hospitable people, but also the high quality of medical services, occupational therapists, high technology and wide recreation opportunities.

A cluster of medical tourism in Kazan is just beginning to develop. The plans to create an integrated product, where the way of medical tourists accompany many medical and related services. The integration of these services with each other to create a unique system, where everything is made deliberately and in such a way, to meet the various needs of the patient best.

In addition to the treatment during the visit of medical tourists have a wide range of leisure services, leisure and tourism: recreational activities, museums and galleries, city ​​tours and other iconic locations, shopping, and many others at will and taste of each.

Many leading medical and health institutions have gone on the way. To date, the services offered to tourists:

1. Children's Republican Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan (DRKB IB PT) – modern versatile medical institution of the republic, It combines the functions of the Republican Clinic, high-tech hospital and hospital emergency. DRKB first clinic in Kazan, which has developed a program specifically for tourists.

DRKB RT Ministry of Health is among the five largest children's hospital of the Russian Federation. DRKB a highly qualified medical staff and powerful diagnostic potential:
· angiographic complex,
· computer and magnetic resonance imaging,
· modern equipment for functional, ultrasound, endoscopic.

AT 2002-2008 gg. Association of Children's Hospital of the Russian Federation DRKB named "Best Children's Hospital of the Russian Federation". In 2008. DRKB became the winner of the Republican contest "The medical establishment of the Year".

To date, the clinic offers programs in the following areas survey:
· Healthy heart
· Diabetes
· Frequently ill child
· Prolonged cough in a child
· Headache
· Comprehensive screening program
· child screening program to 1 of the year
For more information about investing in programs!

On the organization of medical services for a fee, please contact, you are welcome, Center extrabudgetary activities DRKB to managers by phone: 8-843-237-30-42, +7 927 039 30 09.

DRKB screening program

2. Interregional clinical and diagnostic center (MKDTs) - a modern, high-tech medical complex, which is based on the best traditions and experience of the Kazan medical school.

In a clinical hospital for 382 beds have therapeutic and surgical care to residents of the Republic of Tatarstan and other Russian regions. More than half of all surgical interventions constitute a high-tech heart surgery, brain and blood vessels. With patients leading specialists of the republic, deserved doctors of Russia and Tatarstan, highly qualified nursing staff.

MKDTS offers the following services:
· Functional cardiac diagnostics
· Echocardiography - ultrasound of the heart
· Electroencephalography (EEG)
· rheotachygraphy (DOH)
· Functional diagnosis of cerebral vessels and the nervous system
· Transcranial magnetic stimulation and transvertebralnaya
· Evoked potentials
· Radiation diagnostics methods (x- ray computed and magnetic resonance imaging, radioizotopnaja diagnostic)
· Ultrasound and laboratory diagnostics
· Endovascular diagnosis and surgery
· Routine and emergency cardiology, recovery
· Neurology and Neurosurgery
· Endoscopy and abdominal surgery
· Cardiac and Vascular Surgery

It offers patients - one and three chambers with showers, TVs, refrigerators, safes, bedside console with remotes call nurses. In the center of the technology of the integrated management of the patient: the same nurse cares for patients from admission to discharge. nutritional care, based on the 15 traditional types of dietary tables, Individual selection menu dietitian complement standard treatments.

Online You can get online consultation of experts. In "The visit to the center" – "Send medical records": a) Select the direction of consultation b) Fill out the contact form) for 3 the day will get an answer from the experts by e-mail.

For all questions you can also contact the Help Desk (843) 291-11-01. Recording of paid services made by phone (843) 291-10-24, 291-10-25.

3. Republican Clinical Eye Hospital (RKOB IB PT) He is the head, contemporary, high-tech medical institution of the Republic of Tatarstan, providing all kinds of eye care.

Kazan Medical School - one of the most famous schools of our country and actually Kazan. Kazan University, which was born Republican Ophthalmology, It is among those European universities, which were, and continue to be regarded as an outpost of European science.

The history of formation and the creation of the Republican Clinical Eye Hospital has more than 90 years. Here are concentrated the most advanced medical equipment and highly qualified personnel of the republic.

For the convenience of residents and visitors in the hospital organized paid reception. Microsurgery department of paid services providing consultative and diagnostic, medical and microsurgical ophthalmic care with the use of modern medical technology.

Service list, provided
(information on the cost please call 222-00-20)

Advisory welcome the patient's ophthalmologist – from 1 100 to 2 900 rub.(depending on the category, degree ophthalmologist)

diagnostic tests:
– ultrasound eye and adnexa – from 1 000 to 2 000 rub.
– optical study of the eye using an optical coherence tomography (CTC) – from 1 200 to 2 000 rub.
– electrophysiological diagnostic methods of organ diseases – 1 000 rub.
– Other research methods – from 400 to 3 500 rub.

– cataract surgery using a femtosecond laser (considering the cost of an IOL (artificial lens) – from 28 300 to 89 750 rub.
– vitreoretinal surgery – from 15 500 to 55 600 rub.
– antiglaucoma surgery – from 16 350 to 90 500 rub.
– combined operations – from 40 000 to 90 500 rub.
– optikorekonstruktivnye operation – 70 000 rub.
– okuloplasticheskie operation – from 2 200 to 32 000 rub.
– outpatient surgery – from 1 600 to 7 700 rub.

laser treatment:
– LASIK laser vision correction – from 17 000 to 19 000 rub.
– laser treatment of diseases of the retina and optic nerve – from 3 200 to 11 000 rub.

Treatment of diseases of the eye using intravitreal injection drug (Lucentis, ozurdeks) – from 33 000 to 75 000 rub.

Hardware treatments, incl. computer programs treatment (protection of children's rooms ) – 170 rub. 1session.

Laboratory research (incl. "Hospitalization" program) – from 80 to 1 200 rub.

record nand reception is performed by number: 222-00-20 or 222-00-21.

Here You can find the schedule of doctors advice.