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If you want to be both in the East and the West, you, certainly, You need to be in Kazan. Kazan - the city of the Russian Federation, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a major port on the left bank of the Volga River, at the confluence of the Kazanka River. The town has historically absorbed the flavor of two different world cultures - East Wise with his love of fairy tales, finery and rationality of the West with his business acumen and strong economic activity.

Kazan is often called the city of contrasts
Here ancient architecture harmoniously replaced modern, enhancing its extraordinary magical atmosphere picturesque. The oldest building of Kazan, built in the second half of the XVI century and is located in the courtyard of the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul. This house belonged to merchants and. Mikhlyaev. In it Peter I celebrated his 50th birthday. Wanting to impress his stay in Kazan sovereign lodger, I.Mihlyaev made a promise to build a new and Paul Cathedral. AT 1726 the merchant has fulfilled his promise.

Kazan is one of the largest mosques in Europe, named in honor of the Kazan Khanate Kul Sharif Muslims, who died heroically, defending his Khanate. Generally, Kazan – multi-confessional city, wherein there are over 20 mosques, Orthodox churches, Lutheran church, Catholic chapel, Jewish synagogue and other religious institutions.

Ancient town
Kazan is famous for its rich cultural life: here you can visit the annual International Opera Festival named after Fedora Shalyapina International Festival of Classical Ballet named after Rudolfa Nurieva. You can experience the unique traditions of the Tatar people during the summer Sabantuy national festival.

In Kazan, the host of attractions, of interest to any tourist: ancient Kazan Kremlin, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the third oldest university in Russia, where he studied under Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The famous Kremlin, which has become a kind of "calling card" of Kazan, It is one of several famous "falling" towers in the world – tower Syuyumbeki. Its deviation from vertical capstan in a northeastern direction is 1,98 m.

The Highest Fountain in Kazan beats in the heart of the city on Lake Kaban, about theater. G.Kamala. There is also established a three-tiered set of light and music, "dancing" fountains. On the corner of Karla Marksa and Mushtari preserved house, where was born the famous Gala - Salvador Dali's wife. Much later, in the same house he lived a famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov.

Since ancient times Kazan architecture is very popular image of a dragon Zilant. Rare in its exoticism, dragon gave much room for fantasy artists. Zilant dragon depicted on the emblem of Kazan and symbolizes the strength and creativity to the benefit of man.

Kazan has officially received the status of the Third Russian capital, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Kazan unofficial title – Sports capital of Russia. In addition to the World Summer Universiade 2013 of the year, Kazan will host the World Championships in Aquatics 2015 and the matches of the World Cup 2018 of the year.

Kazan Kremlin with its impressive, mosques, churches and rich museums, It is a unique attraction of tourist routes, as well as the endless convenient, nice and cozy modern city.

Kazan has an excellent infrastructure for tourists: built a number of new hotels, including international hotel chains, repaired many historic buildings, improved sports and transport infrastructure. Kazan of the year surprises its visitors, thus attracting a large flow of tourists. According to the online travel service TripAdvisor Kazan ranked eighth in the world and third in Europe in the ranking of the most promising tourist destinations, is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists for 2014 year. earlier 2014 year Kazan has become the third most popular tourist destination Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Kazan is a very interesting and comfortable destination for travelers with different interests, we have extensively presented cultural and educational, sports, event tourism.

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