What to bring from Kazan?

  1. Skullcap and kalfak. Tatar male headdress "tubetey" can be purchased in souvenir shops, concentrated in the center: Bauman on the streets, Kremlin and Chernyshevsky. Women as a souvenir can bring kalfak. It is an ancient Tatar female headdress, which is also an integral part of the classical national Tatar costume.
  2. Shamaili. Samples of calligraphy written verses of the Qur'an, embroidered on the fabric, drawn in ink, printed on paper or drawn on the canvas, It can be purchased in almost all the souvenir shops.
  3. cat Kazan
  4. Dishes, key rings and magnets
  5. Koran
  6. Ethno shoes
  7. dolls
  8. Sports Memorabilia
  9. Chak-Chak

Kazan buy souvenirs can be mainly in the central part of the city - in large shopping centers (Ring, tandem, CUM), in specialized stores - "The Cat Kazan", the pavilions of the Kazan Kremlin, in one of the many shops on the street. Bauman. As a great selection of national souvenirs you can find in the souvenir shops in the Old Tatar settlement.