Information about the place

Kamal Theater and Fountain Square

The building is in the form of a sailing boat with a blue roof in the heart of Kazan – Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theater. Theater named after Kamal - the most famous Tatar Theater. It originated from the Tartars first in the Muslim and Turkic world. 22 December 1906 , the first public performance was played in Kazan representatives of progressive youth in Tatar. This date is considered the birthday of Tatar theater, even though the first Tatar plays were written in the late XIX century,, which were put on scenes of madrasas schools and home theaters.

At the theater put on annually 5-6 Prime Minister in the Tatar language, with simultaneous translation into Russian and English languages. There is good urban joke, it is the only theater, where one of a joke laugh three: first laugh Tatars, heard the joke of the actors, then Russian, hear the translation headphones, and finally, Tatars again over its neighbors.

On the square in front of the theater in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the city 2005 year established Cascade. At night, the fountains "dance" to music by playing bits. On the square you can also find a sculpture of the hero Tatar fairy tales - Shurale and bicycle rental.


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