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Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin"

Start your journey through the Kazan Kremlin with visiting – pearl in the city's architecture, where organically merged the best examples of Russian and Tatar architecture, History and modernity, east and west, Islam and Christianity.

Kazan Kremlin remembers historical events, going on here through the ages. It is with the Kremlin, which in the past was a small settlement, Kazan began the story. The Kremlin, you will see the residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, enjoy the beauty of the old temple of Kazan - the Annunciation Cathedral, and amazed generosity of Kul Sharif mosque. With viewing platforms and towers of the Kremlin offers a splendid panorama of the city!

Kremlin reflects the mood of the city and its citizens, All around a very friendly and happy to welcome you. Already at the entrance to the Kremlin you will not leave without attention and offer sightseeing and souvenirs. In the Kremlin throughout pointers and historical information for each building or a monument of architecture. If you want to get inside the mosque and cathedral, but you kind of unseemly, do not be sad, at the entrance to the shrine you will definitely offer shawls and capes, to close the legs, head and shoulders.

Evening lights of Kremlin, light white stone walls and Kul Sharif mosque, "Raspberry" ringing give the Kremlin a mysterious air, leaving no one indifferent and immersing visitors in the atmosphere of calmness and composure during the evening and night walks.

In the Kremlin there are several museums with permanent and temporary exhibitions, including the Center "Hermitage-Kazan". For more information about the museum can be found on the website of the Kazan Kremlin.


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