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Gorky Park

Gorky Park ... From this phrase a smile on everyone's face blurred, "Born in the USSR". Unsophisticated entertainment kids laughing to tears of laughter in the room, kids frantically beating on machines of other such awkward riders, teen shot in the dash. Ferris wheel to please everyone, irrespective of age.

Today's Gorky Park sporty and elegant at the same time. Summer morning here do yoga in the company of like-minded. Children gladly try their hand at different simulators. There are excellent cycle paths (by the way, bike can be taken immediately hire). Gorky Park as a good host will offer each guest to sit on its many elegant benches. There are even benches, most seats, where only one person can get.
Separate story - about the fountain. In the usual sense of his fountain and not be called. Usually, water fountain going into some sort of cup, more or less expertly executed. Here - full minimalism. no bowls. all. More than a hundred jets hit a pad, on which we've just passed with you. Each jet is involved in the general chorus in accordance with spelled for her personally scenario: changing force, height, Colour, mood, speed. describe useless. a must see.

All hungry to take café "Summer", that was always here, and its existence is completely inseparable from the history of Gorky Park. Winter "Summer" otogreet also all fans of ice skating. Even if the horse was not in your plans, and skates with a not - it's not a problem, when there is a rental.
Yes, do not forget to take a nuts, because while walking you'll certainly meet squirrels. If you come with goodies, it will carry with them out of the park, not only in a good mood, but also a fabulous photo of a fluffy beauty.


  1. Nikita

    12 November | 08:27