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Temple of All Religions (Ecumenical temple)

When the train arrives from Moscow to Kazan, in the temple of the car window appears unexpectedly, standing on the bank of the Volga. Bright gingerbread dome clearly drawn on the background of water. AT 1994 construction began on the extraordinary by any measure an architectural structure in Kazan - the Temple of all religions, as he called the author Ildar Mansaveevich Hanov, great humanist, Man surprising mental and creative talent.

Amazing Ecumenical temple, and the International Cultural Center of spiritual unity – relatively modern Kazan attraction, which, Nevertheless, worthy of attention. The temple is located on the outskirts of the city, in his native village Ildar Khanova old Arakchino, and built on the personal investments of the author and charity money.
Temple of All Religions - an architectural complex symbolic, combining the Orthodox and the Catholic Church, Muslim mosque, Jewish synagogue, Buddhist temple, Chinese pagoda and many iconic elements of the various world religions, including symbols of lost civilizations. As religious religious building temple does not act, religious and ceremonial services are not carried out.

Temple - is not only a fenced-off building, but also a museum, a concert hall and exhibition gallery. Unfortunately, when life Ildar Hanov did not have time to complete your project, however, his descendants continued his idea, and it is pleasing to the eye heritage visitors and residents of the capital.


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