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The pedestrian Bauman Street

Bauman Street - one of the oldest streets of Kazan, one of the most beautiful and crowded streets, you certainly need to see, being in Kazan. Bauman Street and Kazan Arbat, as they call it, most visitors and residents, It extends from Square Square millennium Tukaya.

In the era of the Kazan Khanate was called Nogai road, in the time of Ivana Groznogo first Prolomnaya, and then Big Prolomnaya. only in 1930 , the street was renamed in honor of a native of Kazan revolutionary Bauman.
One of the main attractions of the Bauman Street – bell tower of the Cathedral of the Epiphany, the highest in Kazan, and at the beginning of the XX century and it was also the tallest building in the city.

On the street you can find Baumann National Bank of Tatarstan, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Print stately house in the style of Constructivism, memorial sign "Zero Meridian Kazan", as well as the national mall stars, no worse than Hollywood, House of Tatar cuisine, where you can taste delicious dishes of the national cuisine, City Department Store (Gum), retail and entertainment complex "Rodina", where you can sit, relax, merry, and many many others.

It deserves special attention Academic Russian Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Katchalov. Staging and the acting does not leave you indifferent.
On Bauman you will also be the opportunity to sit in the royal carriage – carriage Catherine II, who visited Kazan 1767 year. According to legend, the carriage made in France, and now coach – a popular place for photos.


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