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Spasskaya Tower of the Kazan Kremlin

Spasskaya tower at all times was the main tower of the Kremlin, from the very first days of its existence acting as throughput, as well as the role of sentinel. Spassky tower got its name in honor of the icon of Our Savior, which it was over the gates and towers was an exact copy of the icon with the flag Ivana Groznogo. according to legend, Spassky tower was built on the spot, where in 1552 , the flag was set during the battle for Kazan.

Currently, Spasskaya Tower is a four-tiered white-stone building height 45 meters and a width 23 m. In the times of Ivana Groznogo Spasskaya tower was a bunk with a wooden roof and a lookout tower. It was made of limestone. Arch entrance to the Kremlin was not straight, and with the crankshaft bending: the entrance was on the right side of the Spassky Tower, and inside the tower corridor turns right, leaving directly inside the Kremlin. AT 1857 year entry arch Spasskaya tower rebuilt – it has become a direct, a side entrance walled.

By the Spassky Tower adjoins the church, which it was originally part of the tower and carried keeper function icons, owned by Ivanu Groznomu. Now the church is visually completely separated from the tower, and operates autonomously. The image of the Savior was moved to the Church of Yaroslavl Miracle-Workers.

The highlight of the Spasskaya tower are the clock. They appeared on the tower in the XVIII century. Originally watches were mechanical and worked pretty unusual way: dial is rotated around a fixed arrow. Only in 1963 , the mechanism of the clock has changed dramatically: electronic mechanism has been introduced, which led to a fight auto, and the clock displayed on the three faces of the tower.


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