Kazan Kremlin

Public Historical and Architectural Art Museum-Reserve of the Kazan Kremlin

Spasskaya Tower of Kazan Kremlin

The Spasskaya Tower has always been considered the main tower of the Kremlin and served as an entry and o...

Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University

The Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University is one of ten Russian federal universities and the second old...

Palace of Farmers

The Palace of Farmers is a modern sightseeing attraction of the city – its monumental and eclectic exteri...

Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda

The world is constantly developing. Some things remain almost unchanged or alter slowly in the course of ...

National Cultural Centre «Kazan»

Сultural centre «Kazan» is unique multi-purposes culturall institution of Tatarstan republic.

Центр семьи «Казан»

Центр семьи «Казан» - одна из главных достопримечательностей Казани, символ любви и верности, отражающий специфику столицы.

Temple of all religions (Ecumenical temple)

When the train arrives from Moscow to Kazan in the car suddenly there is a temple, which stands on the ba...

Pedestrian Baumana Street

Baumana Street is one of the oldest streets of Kazan and also one of the most beautiful and crowded stree...

Gorky Park

The Gorky Park... Once pronounced, this word combination makes anyone born in the USSR smile.

Palace Square

There is such a place in the city of Kazan where you can sit for hours and enjoy its beauty.

Kaban Lake

The Kaban Lake is the biggest lake in Tatarstan and one of the main tourist attractions of Kazan, located in the center of this city.

G. Kamal Tatar Academic Theater

The building in the very center of Kazan in the form of a sailing ship with a blue roof is the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theater.

Kazan International Equestrian Centre

Kazan IEC is one of the largest in Europe and the only complex of such a level in Russia.

Kazan Millennium Park

The Park was opened on and named in honour of the thousandth anniversary of the city.


How can you get in the midst of the underwater world with sharks swimming above your head and skates cutt...

Музей авторской Игрушки «Мишкин Дом»

Международный Музей Авторской Игрушки «Мишкин Дом» - особенный и уникальный проект. Все экспонаты созданы...

Kazan Riviera Waterpark

The Kazan Riviera is the biggest waterpark in Russia and one of the largest ones in Europe.

Underground Gallery in Baumana Street

Под главной пешеходной улицей скрывается целая подземная галерея. Вход в подземный мир улицы Баумана нахо...

Казанский академический русский Большой драматический театр им.В.И.Качалова

Один из старейших театров России, с более чем 220-летней историей, лауреат многих премий и участник международных фестивалей.

Sculpture of Kazan Cat

Right in the midst of the central pedestrian street, named after Bauman, there is a very interesting and peculiar sculpture.

Museum of Kazan University History

The unique exposition of the Museum of the Kazan University History will make you acquainted with two-century history of the Kazan University.

Museum of Kazan School of Chemistry

In the yard of the main building of the university there is a small two-storey building that will certain...

Soviet Lifestyle Museum

It is a former communal flat for 20 people in a house built in the middle of the 19th century.

Chak-Chak Museum

Tatar dish – chak-chak – and of other local sweets, as well as the story of their origin.

Музей советских игровых автоматов

«Морской бой», «Снайпер», «Городки» - всего более 40 действующих игровых автоматов. Все можно трогать, во все, что работает - играть!

Touching Zoo

What is usually forbidden in an ordinary zoo is allowed and even encouraged in the Touching Zoo in Kazan.

Детский город КидСпейс

Детский город КидСпейс – уникальный формат «Играй и Учись», единственный в Республике Татарстан.

District 7

District 7 is the different trials for adults, where they can discover their physical and intellectual abilities.

Children’s scientific and entertainment center «Zarnitza»

This is an innovative technology park for children aged 5 to 14 years. Here you will enjoy your time discovering new amazing things!

Amusement Park FUN24

FUN24 is a single huge space of fun, which contains a wide range of entertainment services.​


«Isum» is a place of eastern hospitality!

Аквапарк «BARYONIX»

Аквапарк «BARYONIX» - это тематический аквапарк развлечений в духе эпохи динозавров - с морем экстремаль...

Merchant Assembly Restaurant

Merchant Assembly is a Russian cuisine restaurant with meals and drinks of the Tsarist Russia! 

Restaurant «Shelter of the Bachelor»

Feel the spirit of the time in our restaurant and return to us again and again!


«TERRA MED» центр превентивной, профилактической медицины. Оказывает услуги по различным медицинским н...

National fast food chain «Tubatay»

«Tubatay» is the first tatar national fast food chain in Kazan and Tatarstan.

it-Café Restaurant

it-Café is a nice place to have a meal and business meetings

«Megapolis» Bar

Megapolis Bar - a place full of life of the big city!

Lobby-Bar of the «Riviera» hotel

It is a good place to spend a good time with your friends and collegues!


Cinema Café is a fashionable night club!

«Babushkina Skovorodka» Cafe

Cosy café of homemade food «Babushkina Skovorodka»!

Amore Restaurant  

Restaurant of european cuisine «Amore»!

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama restaurant with summer terrace and coffee shop!

Caravella Restaurant

Caravella, panoramic view restaurant with its own pier!

«RBG Stone Grill» restaurant

The only restaurant in Kazan with the unique Stone Grill concept!

Guinness Pub

Guinness Pub is the smallest pub in Kazan!

Guinness Pub

Guinness Pub is the oldest pub in Kazan!

Restaurant «Safar-hotel»

«The house in a distance from the house» - feel as in the capital of Tatarstan at home!

«The Steakhouse» restaurant

Stylish hotel restaurant, ideal for a pleasant pastime and special menu will impress any guest!

Davidov Restautant

Restaurant «Davidov» – European family restaurant in the centre of Kazan!

Restaurant «Koltso»

Restaurant «Koltso» is a jewel in the center of Kazan. This reataraunt immediately charm you with inte...


«Yakitoriya» is the first restaurant of Japan cuisune in Kazan!

Art Coffee

Art Coffee is a fashionable modern restaurant in a big city!

Restaurant «BeerЛожа»

The beer restaurant «BeerЛожа»!

Bar & Kithcen 730

730 day"s of fantastic cusine, we wish good wood and actual soud track!

Arlecchino Restaurant

Arlecchino features fine original Italian cuisine and astonishing interiors!

Kruis restaurant

The only restaurant on the water in Kazan, which gives you a memorable impressions!


Yokoso is your cafe!

Piazza Fontana Restaurant

Piazza Fontana is the most romantic restaurant in Kazan!

Кафе «Хинкальная»

Лучшие традиции грузинской кухни «Хинкальная» для истинных гурманов!

Cat of Kazan Tavern

Cat of Kazan Tavern means sincere conversations and Russian cuisine with Kazan hospitality!

Tango Restaurant

Tango Restaurant features the freshest oysters and seafood!

The American cuisine restoraunt «GRIZZLY BAR KAZAN»

«GRIZZLY BAR». The only one place in Kazan, where you can taste exquisite quality meat!

Brasserie «BEERPOINT»

BEERPOINT is a unique place in the city of Kazan, where Belgian ales and lambik, English stauta, the Germ...